What is the OGBWS?

After sitting around on a friend's porch one evening drinking bourbon and cutting up, a bunch of us decided we should start a "secret" society dedicated to that tasty "brown water" that we love so much. From that moment The Oak Grove Brown Water society was born.

How to Join

Come in anytime. Pay $20. You will receive: 1 Glass of Bourbon (neat or on the rocks) and our Bourbon tasting notebook (see below). That's it, You're in.

We will keep your book at our bar with all the other member's books,  Each time you come in, for what ever reason, order a bourbon (or other whiskey), make some notes (if you like), etc

After successfully filling out your entire (80 entries) you will receives a special gift from us and your picture on the wall of fame.

Our plan is to have formal and informal tastings as often as we can. We have invited a few distillers and distributors to come and talk


Up Coming Events